VAST 2023 Spring Construction Course

VAST 2023 Spring Construction Course.


Thank you to the volunteers for your time and dedication to helping make the Vermont trail system a safe and enjoyable place.

With being mindful of volunteers and your time, VAST has a different format for the 2023 Spring Construction Course. This year’s course will be in an online format called Canvas. 
The course can be completed in the comfort of your home on your computer, smartphone or tablet (or iPad) at a time that works best for you. The course can be completed within a couple of hours and has options to stop and resume later.

The Spring Construction Course includes brief videos on topics such as an Overview of the VAST Website, Club Resources, Signing, Equipment Grant-In Aid & Construction Grant-in Aid, and Debrushing.  Below are links to videos that were included in the VAST 2023 Spring Construction Couse.


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Overview of the VAST Website

Module 3: Club Resources
Landowner Permission Form
Landowner Permission Form for Snowmobile Bridges
Trails Policy Manual
Best Practices for The Development of Snowmobile Trails
VAST 2023 Club Mapping Tools

Module 4: Equipment Grant In Aid Overview

Module 5: Construction Grant In Aid Overview

Module 6: Debrushing Grant In Aid Overview

Module 7: VAST 2023 Trail Sign Refresher

Module 8: Thank You!


Any clubs wishing to apply for any of the VAST Grant in Aid Programs were required to have at least one person from the club in attendance for the entire Spring Construction Course and complete the included requirements throughout the course.
This person should be an actively involved member who will fill out paperwork and work on the Grant in Aid Programs.

The Spring Construction Course was available to clubs beginning Monday, May 1st with a deadline of completion prior to midnight on Wednesday, May 31st.

Information and Resources will be available to the clubs after the course is completed. Attendance will be taken during the course. If no one from your club can attend, your club will not be eligible for any VAST Grant-in Aid in FY 24.  


There is no make-up option. 


If there are any questions, please let us know. 

Matt Tetreault

VAST Trails Administrator

802-229-0005 x112


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