E-Z Riders of Jacksonville
Year Round Fun Can Be Had With The Jacksonville EZ Rider Snowmobile Club
It all started back in the early 70's for the Jacksonville EZ Riders
Randy always finds time to help get the trail work done.
New Intersections Signs Are Being Installed Throughout Our Trail System
Our Vice President Ray Out Checking Trail Early Season 2014

Back early in 1971 a local & out of state group of fun loving Jacksonville residents founded the E-Z Riders of JacksonvilleSnowmobile Club. Their hard work and countless hours of volunteering have helped shape the 65 + miles of trails we all now enjoy. This founding group set in motion what so many enjoy today.

As in most things in life all good things start somewhere, and in Southern Vermont the E-Z Riders of Jacksonville Snowmobile Club Trail System is the start of the VAST trail system. Our trails start on the border of MA & VT and even reciprocate with MA Sam trails for several miles between WM-6 & WM-8. With 65 miles of trails along with 66 bridges and 50 road crossing’s, keeping up with all of it is a year round job. Thankfully our core group of long time volunteers along with several new club member volunteers makes the task of trail work something we enjoy with the liked mined members we also call our friends.

 Come join us at the EZ Riders Snowmobile Club. We are the first club over the Southern Border and the riding starts and ends here. To join our club you can email us at

Club Socials:
Club Address: PO Box 432
Jacksonville, VT 05342
Club Contact:
Jackie Bemis