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I’ve already surpassed my mileage from last season in the three times I’ve gone riding this season. Hopefully this season gets better and better! The Buckaroos of 302 will be hosting the 40th Annual Dick Page Ride-in on Feb. 11 at the Groton Town Garage. The ride-in will start at 11 a.m. and will feature barbecue chicken, homemade baked beans, coleslaw, chips, rolls and cupcakes for $10. Come on snowmobiles or in cars. We will also have take-out dinners ready to go. Buckaroos of 302 apparel will be available to purchase as well as a 50/50 raffle featuring various prizes. Come out and meet all the Buckaroo volunteers who work hard to make our club a successful one. We will be serving dinner from 11 a.m. until we run out of food, so make sure to stop in early so you don’t miss out. Thank you once again to our great crew of volunteers who came out and helped to get all our trail projects accomplished this fall. The Buckaroos awarded free TMAs this fall to 13 volunteers. If you are interested in how you could receive a free TMA, contact either Gary Lamberton or Kevin McDonnell. Keep checking the club website and Facebook page for club updates, trail conditions and The Buckaroos of 302 had freshly groomed trails on opening day! to find out when Grizzly Mountain Grooming will be heading out. That’s all I have to report for now, hope to see you on the trails! As always, be safe, respect the landowners’ property and please don’t litter our beautiful trails. Taylor Lamberton, Secretary Kevin McDonnell, Vice President Like us on Facebook Caledonia County Snowmobile Trail Club The trouble with writing an article now is that it is published a month from now and how stale the information may sound. That is by no means a criticism of Snowmobile Vermont or its excellent editor. It is more a by-product of our instant news and instant gratification lifestyle fueled by the 24/7 media available today. A case in point: our grooming power unit suffered a major hit when the drive servo failed. It meant that we could not turn or steer the unit. This happened on a holiday weekend, so we had to replace the unit and pay additional holiday rates to have it installed. This season has actually had snowfall, unlike last year, so there was a great deal of anxiety on the part of snowmobilers to ride freshly groomed trails. Within a day of our mechanical failure, Caledonia County Snowmobile Trail Club’s grooming crew was chastised for poor trail conditions. A Facebook post trying to explain our situation did little to diffuse the escalating irritation. Snowmobilers know that when conditions are good, it can be only a matter of hours before Mother Nature will raise temps and dump rain on our parade. So, when it is great out there, you should take advantage! Fortunately, we have the benefit of excellent relations with our neighboring club, the Lyndon Snow Cruisers, and they covered us as best they could to keep our trails groomed. We can’t thank them enough. Just know that when things go bad, they go bad fast and it takes a lot of time and effort to get the situation under control. There is no 24/7 fix for busted equipment and the volunteers that have to alter schedules to get things back on track (pun intended) have to juggle their lives around to keep the system maintained. Then as luck would have it, we got a little snow and a lot of rain and we are faced with more herculean efforts to fix the system again. By the time you read this in February, things will have evolved and the tribulations of late December will be a distant memory, but not to the valiant crew that worked their butts off to maintain the lofty standards of groomed trails night and day. Also by the time you read this, CCSTC will have tried something different and something familiar at the same time. We are having a “the way it was Trailside Cookout” on Feb. 4 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at our comfort station located at junction CA 47 (Corridor 2/5 and 2/5 F4). There will be hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and a bonfire outside; like the good old days, but with a modern feel. More on how this went on the next edition. Get out, ride and enjoy! Any time you have the opportunity to thank a landowner or a volunteer, do it! Ride Right and Ride Safe! Michael O’Hara, Vice President Like us on Facebook