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A reminder to respect landowner property and to please stay on marked trails and resist the urge to cut corners especially in fields. The compacted snow causes the grass roots to freeze and die resulting in lost hay yield for farmers. Please be mindful of the signs indicating a sensitive area. The signs are there for a reason! Lastly, please either bring out what you brought with you or use the trash cans that are available on the trail system. As always, thank you to our many landowners for the privilege to enjoy the use of their land! We are always posting updates on our Frigid Frost Fighters Facebook page about our meetings, workdays, random pictures from grooming and sharing upcoming events from other clubs and entities that you might find interesting or informative. Another way to check out our club’s trail conditions is to visit us on the VAST website. Until next month, think snow! Paul Perry, Secretary Like us on Facebook Corinth Sno-Scramblers Greetings from the Corinth Sno- Scramblers. We have certainly had a stellar start to the season in comparison to last year. We were able to get all of our trails opened up by Jan. 2 and have been grooming every chance that we get. It was a bit rough going to start, due to many blow downs and trees that needed to be cut up, even after much clean up and debrushing was done in the fall. Since the fall, we have been hard at work on many different and new projects. This year we are working on adding a second business billboard at the intersection that leads to the East Corinth General Store (OE 58). If you have a business and are interested in advertising with us, please contact Membership Chairman Ron Garvin ( Also, we are soon going to have Corinth Sno- Scramblers t-shirts available for purchase. It has been a while since we have had apparel available, so stay tuned to our website and our Facebook page for your chance to purchase a t-shirt. While you are out riding our trails this winter, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our new welcome signs as you enter our trail system. Many thanks goes out to not only our landowners and volunteers, but most importantly, our groomer operators, Adam and Paul Osgood. These guys have done a phenomenal job at keeping our trails in top shape for everyone to enjoy. Hopefully by the time you read this article, winter will be in full swing. We hope that we will have escaped the January thaw with minimal snow loss and everyone will have already logged many miles on their sleds. As always, ride safe, ride right, and think snow! Kim Davis, Webmaster Like us on Facebook Justin Morrill Drift Skippers I hope everyone is doing well! All of our club’s trails are now open and rideable. Let’s just hope that we can get more snow. Our first Annual Spaghetti Dinner will be on March 4 from noon to 5 p.m. at Barrett Hall in Strafford on Corridor 132 F from intersection OE 4. Don’t forget to mark your calendar! We look forward to seeing you there. Andrew Godfrey, Vice President Like us on Facebook Topsham Ridge Runners It’s go time! I sit here a couple of days after ringing in the new year, thrilled with the success I and many others have found so far in the 2016/17 season. The early snow has allowed many to get out and start logging some miles across the state. During my time on the trails I have seen smiling faces amongst the strong turnout of riders. The trails haven’t been perfect, providing us with the early season challenges of lumps, bumps, and lots and lots of water. Given the two year wait that a lot of riders have endured, there have been few complaints about the conditions. For me personally, my time out on our trails is a chance to see the new signs we put in last year as well as all the hard work from our volunteers this year. Thinking back to just a few weeks ago when there were downed trees and bridges that were falling apart across our system. Without their help, we wouldn’t be able to ride. You could say that the volunteers in our clubs are just as valuable as the landowners that let us cross their property! We also owe a huge thank you right now to our groomer operators. Make sure you give them a thumbs up when you see them out on the trails. So far this year, they have had tough conditions but they make it happen. Every time I have gone out, the trails have seemed to get a little bit better each time. Another hole smoothed out, more snow pulled into the trail in a thin area and so on. Until we get more snow though, take it easy out there. We are all filled with extra excitement to get the season started but it is just the beginning. Stay right, stay safe, and as the saying goes, “Enjoy the ride”! Andrew Connell, Vice President Like us on Facebook