b'Whos in the Groomer?Eric Baruzzi - Mad River Ridge RunnersBy Lisa Dillon Beliveaumembers see him as full time withprefers working during the daytime For more than 30 years, the Madthe groomer and are grateful for allhours because of his encounters with River Ridge Runners trail systemthe time he puts in. We are proud ofriders and the chance to speak with was groomed by a private contractor,Eric for being awarded VASTs Trailthem and hear their views about our Ridge Runners Snow GroomingAdministrator Award for Ambition fortrails.run by Doug Wilson of Mountain2019. So far, he has only seen one interesting Grooming Equipment. With DougsEric started doing ride-alongs, cuttingcritter while in the groomer. Aboutretirement from grooming after thetrees and clearing brush for theof a mile in on a groomed trail, he and 2017/18 season, the club purchasedgroomer operators in 2015. His firstAndy Calder (another club member) his 2006 PistenBully Edge with a 96season running the clubs groomercame upon a car off the trail in a Trailsetter drag in October of 2018. Wewas 2018/19. Ridge Runners membersditch and laughed when they saw the also purchased a groomer- mountedDoug Wilson and Skip WallaceMassachusetts tags. Apparently, the brush cutter. We now rely on a groupspent a lot of time teaching him thedriver was following his GPS, and it of dedicated volunteers to groom andequipments functionality, how to readhad him on an old class 4 road heading maintain our 66-plus miles of trails interrain and trails, and the techniquesfrom Fayston to Duxbury! the Mad River Valley. to use to get the best finished product.When Eric was asked about his Eric Baruzzi, our trail administrator, isBoth Doug and Skip have decades offavorite part about grooming and why our main man in the groomer. Whenexperience grooming, most of whichhe chooses to groom, he laughingly asked what his full-time job is, he saysare on our club trails, so Eric felt theysaid, Well, I sure dont do it for the he gets the same question from hiswere the best guys to learn from.money! He then added that he values wife. Retiring from the Coast Guard inLast season, four new operators werebeing a volunteer who is entrusted 2018 after 24 years of service, he is kindtrained, and an impressive 1500 mileswith operating such a capable machine of taking it easy by currently workingwere traveled during our first seasonthrough challenging terrain and nearly full time at Floodwoodswith our new groomer, of which Ericadverse weather conditions. Also, as Maple, a sugarbush in Waitsfield. Clubpersonally grooming 370 miles. Hea rider, he has always appreciated 12 | Snowmobile VERMONT'