b'VAST DirectionBy VAST Executive Director Cindy LockeVERMONT ASSOCIATIONA new committee of VAST has beenoperations work to oversee and directlaw enforcement agencies prior to and put into place to look at snowmobilelaw enforcement in the southern partduring the season.law enforcement in Vermont. Thisof our state. We also met with VermontMoney to pay for this coordination will is a committee made up of fourGovernor Phil Scott to discusscome out of the law enforcement carry-representatives of the Vermontoptions for VAST and the Statewideforward in the Statewide Snowmobile Snowmobile Governors Council. ThisSnowmobile Trail System (SSTS)Trail Program. Contracts with agencies committee makes recommendations tomoving forward.will still be with VAST, and payments the following: Vermont SnowmobileIn the fall of 2019, we came tofor patrolling will come from VAST Governors Council, VAST Safetyan agreement with the Vermontfrom the SSTP annual budget. New Committee, VAST Safety AmbassadorDepartment of Fish and Wildlifecontracts have been made for sheriff Program, and VAST Board of Directors. (F&W) to roll out a plan for thedepartments. A Memorandum of This committee has a few differentdepartment to run some lawUnderstanding (MOU) now exists charges which include the following: enforcement function for VAST thisbetween VAST and F&W.Reviewing and makingcoming winter, including schedulingOur hope is that, with this new recommendations regarding currentall agency patrols to make surestrategy, we can focus more on off-trail law enforcement strategies andcoverage is where it needs to beriding, better enforcement attention to coverage on trails. and not too much on one or tworiders without TMAs or registration, areas. By all agency patrols, weand high speed riding in corners Reviewing and makingmean F&W Wardens, Vermontand on having more night patrols in recommendations regarding lawState Police Troopers and Auxiliary,addition to the usual safety checks. enforcement training and accidentand all contracted Vermont Sheriff responding. Departments, with the exception ofAlong with our VAST Safety Working with above listedBennington and Windham CountyAmbassador Trail Team, we anticipate committees regarding the VASTwhich are already covered by thegreater coverage to address riding Safety Ambassadors interface withSouthern VT Task Force. infractions, as well as accident help law enforcement when requestedF&W will be using three existing F&Wand better monitoring of regulatory by law enforcement, specificallyemployees in three regions of VT tosigns (such as stop and stop ahead when responding to accidentrun the programs in their regions. Thissigning).scenes. will be a sort of command center forRide right, ride safe and please slow Early in planning, the committee metscheduling law enforcement teams todown to enjoy the beauty of Vermont.with representatives of the Southerncover trail patrols. In addition, F&WFond Regards,Vermont Task Force to learn how theirwill be coordinating trainings with (Vermont State Policephoto)'