b'Club NewsFranklin County Snow RaidersAs is common with our sport, we have experienced a lot of ups and downs with the weather, causing us to get a late start to the season. Fortunately, we had about 6 inches of snow yesterday with more in the forecast and no warm up in sight. This is great news for our region, and we are hoping to get out there soon to use our groomerThe Lamoille County Sno-packers repaired damage to the railbed between Morrisville and and our sleds.Wolcott.We are glad to have the many projects of this year in our rear-view mirror andin the next couple of months. ORANGEare looking ahead to planning projectsOn Feb. 8, our club will assist for the next work season, as well aswith our county-wide poker run.COUNTYsetting our slate of officers to handleCheck the VAST website for more club operations moving forward. Weinformation. The Annual Spaghetti encourage anyone who is interestedDinner will be held at the Elmore in getting more involved in the clubChurch on Feb. 15. Hopefully Old to come and join us for our monthlyMan Winter will grace us with meetings on the first Tuesday of thea bounty of snow. (Have no fear month at 7 p.m. at the VFW on Lakebecause you can get there by car,Frigid Frost FightersStreet in St. Albans. We will use thetoo!) Come for the delicious foodWelcome to the 2019/20 season! next three meetings to wrap up thisfrom 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. There willWe have been receiving minimal season and start planning for the next,be homemade spaghetti sauce, saladamounts of snow and rain this and we welcome your input. Hope toand garlic bread. Stay for homemadewinter, but we have been able to see many of you at our next meetingdessert too. There will be a silentopen our trails for some early season and most importantly.on the trails! auction and our club sweatshirts andcondition riding. Like all others, our Think Snow! t-shirts will be for sale as well. hope is that we receive a good winter Lianne Frechette, SecretaryWe welcome back the New Englandstorm so that we will be out enjoying Like us on Facebook Sled Dog Association at the Oxbowthe trails with mid-season riding Park in Morrisville on Feb. 23 and 24.conditions!Come for the excitement and grab aOur volunteers have been preparing LAMOILLE bite to eat! the trails for the snowmobiling On March 7 we will be at Coles Pondseason since last fall. We were COUNTY Cook Shack serving up trailsidefortunate that we didnt have any favorites. Soups and chili, yummymajor projects to tackle this year. Due cookies and whoopie pies will keepto the Halloween Storm of 2019, we you fueled up for your day of fun ondid have to go back out to remove the trails. A bonus to this day is thatfallen trees, but luckily, we were the landowner has opened his privateminimally impacted. While we wait Sno-Packers of Lamoille County land to vintage sleds and looksfor that big snowstorm, we have forward to many good conversationsgroomed our trails to fill in the water Greetings! Wow! What a Januaryabout the good ol days and whatbars and to help the water holes to thaw it has been here in Sno-Packermakes the old sleds tick! Contact ourfreeze up. Hopefully, this will speed country! But no worries! There isclub for more details. up the freezing of the ground and snow in the forecast every day thisRide safe, ride right! See you in provide a strong base for the trails.week, and we are staying busySno-Packer country! Speaking of grooming we have making even more improvementsAmi English, Secretaryreceived our new Mogul Master to our trails and preparing for oursnopackersoflamoillecounty.comdrag that we purchased this year. We upcoming events. Here are events weLike us on Facebook are looking forward to using it and will be sponsoring or co-sponsoringproviding you with a smoother and 20 | Snowmobile VERMONT'