b'VAST NewsFIND THE HELMET A message from VAST Vice President Jeff FayI saw the infamous helmet on page 5 in Jeffs breakfast. A side of the white helmet, please! Stephen Kloss is the randomly selected winner out of all the correct answers we received.Heres some of our favorite responses: Well, it looks like the season isriders who had been in the area, 3) Jeff does not need ketchup on hisgetting under way yet again. Afterthe VAST trail app and 4) a little basic eggs. He has a helmet there already. decent early snowfall followedknowledge of the area. My route John Ostrander by the post-holiday melt down,covered the territories of four clubs, clubs are slowly getting back toall of which had recently groomed I found the helmet on page 5 in VASTbuilding a trail base. Unfortunately,(1,2,3). I also knew there were going Vice President Jeff Fays dinner. I sureriding has been limited to higherto be some rough areas (1,2,4). As hope Jeff realizes it before he takes aelevations of the state. Those of uswith any time I ride, there was the bite. Rich Conte who purchased new sleds this yearrequired stop for food (2,3,4)ride will be superstitiously blamed forto eat, eat to ridelunch at a very I hope Jeff Fay enjoys his helmletteMother Natures poor disposition,popular trailside eatery, followed without breaking a tooth! vtmogul Im sure. Having only been able toby a gas stop (support the local put 120 miles on my new ride so far,economy, check fuel mileage on If you can find the helmet in this issue,I can relate to having a bit of a sourthe new ride) and then back to the send an email to editor@vtvast.org andattitude. Some recent browsing ofparking lot. At the end of the day, you could win a VAST t-shirt! Facebook posts lets me know Imback home relaxing (first ride pain set not alone. in the next day), it figured out to four Where many have the ability tohours of driving 180 miles (with the PRINOTH CONTEST ride from home or camp, makingtrip home was just as crappy as the the mileage totals a little easier totrip in the morning) to ride 88 miles PRINOTH is pleased to announceaccumulate, those of us who needfor four hours. Yes, I know, we have the launch of its Tales from the Trailsto trailer a distance find it hardermembers who drive twice or three contest for snowmobile clubs in Northto balance the desire to ride withtimes as far to get their riding fix, America.the lesser desire to drive to getand I know we have members who Registered snowmobile clubs mustthere. For example, my first ride thiswould cover those same 88 miles send a written testimonial (1 entry), aseason was on a Wednesdayyup,in about 45 minutes - including the testimonial + image (2 entries)played hooky from work. I drove astop for food. I guess my idea with all or a video (3 entries) about theirlittle over two hours on roads of lessthis is that we all do what we have to experience with either a PRINOTHthan stellar condition, roughly 90because we enjoy the sport. We are or Bombardier snow groomer. Sendmiles of typical worn out Vermontall unique, no two the same, but all to talesfromthetrails@prinoth.com ortwo lane, snow covered with variousare bound by the adventure, freedom contact the same email to coordinatelevels of snow removal. Unloadedand excitement found in the great larger size file transfers for videos. at a VAST parking area, covered 88VAST outdoors.First prize is a 2020 Ski-Doo Expeditionmiles (two counties off my list!) onI dont know what the snowfall will Sport, valued at approximativelytrails ranging from fantastic to not sobe like for the rest of the season, but $12,000 CAD or a $12,000 CADgreat. The fantastic far outweighedI do know the VAST grooming fleet discount on the purchase of a newthe not so great, but even the not sowill provide the best possible trails PRINOTH snow groomer. Secondgreat was handled well by the clubsfor your enjoyment that they possibly prize is a PRINOTH clothing packageconsidering what they had to workcan. If you can ride from home, get and third prize (10 to be won) is awith.out as often as you can; if you have PRINOTH trail grooming lunch box. My choice of location wasto trailer, Im right there with yousafe travels! Respect, Ride Safe, Contest is open until to May 15, 2020.determined by some simple generalEnjoy!The drawing will take place at theresearch: 1) Facebook trail reports International Snowmobile Congress,from the clubs, 2) posts from otherJeff Fay, VAST Vice PresidentJune 10 in Saskatchewan.Winter 2020 | 5'