b'VAST NewsOne of the most under-appreciated points in what sets snowmobiling in Vermont apart from other sledding destinations is its varying terrain: its breathtaking mountains, meadows, rolling hills, dense forests, and wide open fields provide the rider a perfect blend of stunning beauty to keep the day exciting. The many quaint towns that offer services seem perfectly sprinkled throughout. And lets not forget the wildlife: deer, turkey, and, if youre particularly lucky, moose.Cruising on the trail that particular day, with the blue sky, heavily snow-laden trees, endless picturesque views, and freedom - yes, the freedom! - I asked myself a question I have asked myself every time I ride in Vermont: How did I deserve this? Now, Im not sure if it was inherent Catholic guilt, the sheer intensity of happiness the trails brought, or a combination of the two, but wow, it was perfect, I mean just perfect. Then we stopped at Parker Pie where their delicious pizza made a perfect day even more so.Heading back, with smile still intact, I thought of all the generous landowners, who allow us the opportunity to experience the freedom of riding and to share the beauty and use of their property. And the club volunteers who spend countless hours, shaping these lands into winter highways. I hope they know the incredible amount of happiness they create for so many.So, could it be that snowmobiling in Vermont is in fact a touch of heaven? Given that the trails were just out of this world and felt heaven-sent, there is simply no doubt.Protecting your rideso you can enjoy yoursInsurance for all of your recreational vehicles802-685-3885www.mkrichardsonagency.comWinter 2020 | 7'