b'Buy Your Trail PassOnline atWWW.VTVAST.ORGBUY EARLY AND SAVE $$! REGULAR SEASONEARLY BIRD Standard season pricingAvailable only thru Dec. 15PRICING INCLUDES PRICING INCLUDESCLUB & COUNTY DUES CLUB & COUNTY DUESRegistered RegularFamily Registered Regular In VermontSnowmobile Snowmobile In VermontSnowmobileSnowmobile must beThru$ 145 Thru$ 129 Snowmobile must beAfter$ 185registered in Vermont. registered in Vermont. Avail. Dec. 15 EACH Dec. 15 EACH EACHDec. 15Registered RegularFamily Registered Regular Out-of-StateSnowmobile Snowmobile Out-of-StateSnowmobileSnowmobile registered Thru$ 175 Thru$ 152 Snowmobile registered Avail.$ 225in any state otherin any state other than Vermont. Dec. 15 Dec. 15 than Vermont. After EACH EACH Dec. 15 EACHAntique Vintage Snowmobile3-Day Pass $Snowmobile For use on VAST trails80One-Time $140 Fee Any snowmobile that is 25-years$60 1st sled, $25 each additional up Family TMAs only available untilDec. 15 EACHold that is registered as an an- to 5, sixth $60 + $25 up to 10REQUIRES THE COMPLETED TRANSACTION OF TWO FULL PRICED tique snowmobile by VermontTMAS INTO OUR DATABASE BEFORE FAMILY RATE IS APPLIED. THIRD, or any other state or province. It(Available startingJan. 15)FOURTH, ETC TMAS MUST BE A SEPARATE TRANSACTION AFTER THE must be used exclusively in FIRST TWO. MEMBER ID MUST BE USED IN PURCHASE FORM. All TMAs All sleds must be at least 35 years oldpurchased must bear the same physical address on your state DMV/ORV Registration exhibitions, parades, and publicas of this year and meet Vermont Law,to qualify for Family TMA pricing. The first and second TMAs will be priced at the full functions. (Antique TMAs soldTitle 23, Chapter 29.(Vintage TMAscost of an Early Bird Registered IN VT or Early Bird Registered OUT-OF-STATE. (This only in-person at the VAST office.offer applies to Early Bird TMAs only, option available until 12/15/21.) All additional Call for appointment 802-229- sold only in-person at the VAST office.TMAs purchased and bearing the same physical address will be charged at the Call for appointment. 802-229-0005) advertised Family Rate. See vtvast.org for details.0005) Vermont Association of Snow Travelers VTVAST.ORG26 |GO TO: Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Inc.26 Vast Lane, Barre, VT 05641vtvast.org'