b'Executive Director s MessageBy VAST Executive Director Cindy Locke Welcome to snowmobiling in Vermont! What awaits you here is an incredible trail network of adventure! Vermont is the only state in the Northeast that has true statewide snowmobiling from north to south, east to west. We are also blessed to have a large mountain range called the Green Mountains that runs right down the middle of our beautiful state. Our trail system has more than 4,700 miles of trails made up of challenging mountains, beautiful farmland, and some wide roads where vehicular traffic is restricted to snowmobiles only in winter.In normal times and no matter where you ride in Vermont, you can find a gas station to gas up, a restaurant to eat lunch, and a place to lay your head, all with trail access. Some trails run through federal land where the rule is pack it in, pack it out! (This year, because of some Covid restrictions on restaurants, lodging, and other retail establishments, pack it in, pack itwho travel to Vermont to recreate and out is probably good advice for all.)vacation or who own second homesFREEwEEkEnd ! This Guide lists all the businesses byhere. And, of course, we cannot forget category and county that exist alongabout our landowners. We wouldntT ryV ermonTS nowmobiling !our trail system. These businesseshave a 4,700-mile trail system without were not charged to be included in thethe landowners and the clubs thatF ree weekend iSGuide unless they bought a displaymaintain and groom our network. ad in addition to the free listing.I often hear from folks who do notFeb. 4, 5 & 6The best part is, as you will see, thatsnowmobile but use the VAST trail each business also has a trail locationsystem to snowshoe or cross-country associated with it. We wanted to makeski where allowed. Many have told men oVAST TmATrAil pASS neededit easy for you to find your way aroundthey join VAST every year to support r equiremenTS :VAlid regiSTrATion inVermont, so come for a visit and addsnowmobiling in Vermont just because us to your winter go-to destinations! they enjoy and appreciate our trailAny STATe or proVince & liAbiliTy Why is Vermont known as a greatsystem. inSurAnce on your Sled .snowmobile destination? We prideEighty percent of the VAST trail system( SAFeTy courSe AlSo required iF born AFTer july 1, 1983 )ourselves on having the best signedis made up of private lands (more than trails that coincide with our maps. We9,000 landowners), with the remaining have waterproof paper maps plus a20 percent on state or federal lands.trail construction, trail maintenance, free map app with GPS tracking forAs a way of encouraging privatepolicing, etc. In fact, 44 percent is for your phone. Even if your GPS is notlandowners to allow VAST trails ongrooming alone. If you ride in other working, you can find your locationtheir property, Vermont enacted twostates and compare them to Vermont, because all of our junctions arestatutes in the 1970s that protect thoseyou can tell that we spend a lot of time, numbered. Just go to your smartphonelandowners from any liability if theyeffort, and money making sure our app store and type in VAST MAP.allow public or trail use at no charge.trails are in excellent condition and VAST has proven its commitment toIn addition to that protection, VASTvery well signed. providing a snowmobile experiencespends over $130,000 on liabilityI hope you come to Vermont to have that is second to none. We have a largeinsurance annually to protect thea wonderful and safe snowmobile number of volunteers at the membertrails, those who ride on them, andadventure in the Green Mountain and club level, as well as a board ofvolunteers who work on them. State!directors whose members dedicate aNearly eighty percent of VASTsSee you on the trails! lot of time to the association and thisincome goes toward our trail sport. We dont forget about thosesystem, in the form of grooming, (Roger Gosselin photo)2021/22 Snow Travelers Guide to Vermont| 3'