b't RaiLs iGnshow to read trail signsIntersection NumberCorridor Trail Number This number corresponds with the VAST map This number identifies the trail thatand lets you know what intersection you are at. you are on and corresponds withThe letters are the first and last of the county the VAST Trail Map. In this picture,that you are in (Orange County in this example) you are on trails 5 and 25 whereand the number is unique to that intersection.they run together before going in separate directions.ORDER YOUR VASTTown or DestinationThis identifies TRAILMAP TODAY! Trail Direction the next town or This tells youdestination point what generalthat you will come direction theto on the trail in this trail heads:direction.North, East, South, or West.Next Intersection NumberThis is the next intersection that youwill encounter if you head down this trail. Club LogoThis is the logo of the club who maintains the $5 Each trail that you are on. Arrow ServicesThe arrow tells youThese represent the which direction toservices that are in this VTVAST.ORG follow and correspondsdirection.with the information on Download our VAST Trails the sign.Smartphone App4 |Vermont Association of Snow Travelers'