Snowmobile Safety Course

“Today’s Snowmobile Rider Course Vermont” is available on-line and in-person. CLICK HERE for a list of in-person Safety Courses and other club events


Any person born after July 1, 1983, who is 12 years of age or older are required to take and pass this course

Go to the Snowmobile Safety E-Course

CAUTION: All material should be thoroughly studied and practice exams taken before attempting the final exam. Studying the material and taking practice exams will ensure the successful completion of the course.

NOTE: The provider (Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc.) has assessed a $30.00 fee to complete the final exam. Upon successful completion, students may print out a temporary certification certificate until their permanent certificate is produced and mailed.

The State of Vermont does not profit in any way from this course. The course was created to allow those that cannot go to one of the regularly scheduled courses the opportunity to take the course at their convenience. The fee is to allow the creator of the internet course to recoup their costs of doing business. 

A lost or destroyed Snowmobile Safety Certification Card can be replaced if the Vermont State Police Marine/Snowmobile Division has issued or has a record of the certification.  To request a replacement card can be submitted at: