Wardsboro Pathfinders Snowmobile Club

The Wardsboro Pathfinders club has over 300 active members that oversee the upkeep and support of the 710 trail.  We’re located in the Windham county area of Southern Vermont between the ski areas of Stratton and Mount Snow.  You can gain access and explore the 710 from many points along the way and also access the 4,200+ miles of VAST’s groomed trails that make up Vermont's Snowmobile trail network.

The 710 is a Class 4 trail that’s 22 miles end to end in the Deerfield Valley area. The south eastern end of the of the trail starts in Dover at C100 (WM20) passes through Wardsboro, a small corner of Jamaica, into West Wardsboro and ending on the north west end in Stratton at C7 (WM10).  You will find many types of riding challenges, this can be related to elevation, snow conditions as well as the many different topologies.  You will come across technical single track, a few steep sections as well as many winding wooded areas.  There are a few dozen bridges as well as a few vistas to stop and admire.  We work hard to keep this trail properly signed and well-groomed, weather and elevations push our limits every season.  Please consider volunteering we can always use the help.

Please stay on the marked trails and off the plowed town roads, except where marked for crossing and accessing the trails. Fines for riding on roads and for non-registered/non-insured sleds can be VERY expensive, we want to keep all riders safe and our landowner happy.

Club Socials:
Club Address: PO Box 163
West Wardsboro, VT 05360